Guide to setup SensusAccess LTI with Canvas

  1. Log into your Canvas account (Teacher/Administrator).

  2. In Global Navigation, click the Admin link, then click the name of the Admin account.

  3. In the Account Navigation, click the Developer Keys.

  4. Fill the fields as per below:
    Screenshot showing how to register tool to get Developer Keys.

  5. Once the form is filled, click on the Save Key.

  6. In the Developer Keys listing, click ON in the State field and once clicked, the color of the ON would be green. (By default the State field is OFF and color of the button is red).

  7. Now you have Client Id and Client Secret ready and its time to attach these values into your SensusAccess LTI account. Client Id is displayed in the Developer keys listing (For example, 10000000000001 as highlighted in the picture) and to view the Client secret, click on the Show Key and the value will be displayed in the dialog.
    Screenshot showing how to see OAuth 2.0 Client Id and Client Secret.

  8. Go back to the main guide and continue from step 4.